The Coastal Free Trade Unions: Celebration the anniversary

The Tri-city opposition’s specificity, and at the same time itsasset, was that it made decisions together despite the differences between the individual groups. For those several dozen people the main objective was a free and independent Poland. In the late 1970s, the opposition in Pomerania was not only the Free Trade Unions of Pomerania, but also the Young Poland Movement (Ruch Młodej Polski, RMP), Movement for Defence of Human and Civic Rights (Ruch Obrony Praw Człowieka i Obywatela, ROPCiO), Workers’ Defence Committee (Komitet Obrony Robotników, KOR), and the Student Solidarity Committee (Studencki Komitet Solidarności, SKS). The WZZ and KOR were the voice of workers, while the RMP and SKS associated students and young intellectuals.

The opposition was characterised by the exchange of ideas, shared values, cooperation on the distribution of leaflets and independent press, and also joint participation in the independent celebrations of the 3rd May Constitution Day, National Independence Day, and December 1970 workers’ protests.


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